Udupi: Mastakabhisheka postponed to 2015 for Paryaya & Elections

By Raj Udupi
Udupi Today Media Network


Udupi, 01 January 2014: As per the tradition the Maha Mastakabhisheka for Karkala Gomateshwara is to be conducted in February 2014. But this will not be taking place!


Jain’s idol of worship Bahubali or Gomateshwara is being performed grand maha mastakabhisheka once in every 12 years as per the tradition. This has been a huge and important celebration for Jain community. Lakhs of Jain devotees from all over the country participate in this celebration with great devotion.


The mahamastakabhisheka was done for Bahubali (Gomateshwara) in February 2012. Now after 12 years the mahamastakabhisheka was suppose to be carried out in February 2014. But this will not take place, the reason for this is, the Udupi Sri Krishna Math Paryayotsava in January and the Lokasabha election in April.



Recently Sri Charukirthi Pandithacharyavarya Mahaswamy, Dharmastala Dharmadhikari Dr. Veerendra Heggade, Jain Samiti President Dr. M.N. Rajendrakumar and others led a meeting to discuss on this matter. Considering that due to the activities of Paryayotsav and elections, the Mahamastakabhisheka might lose importance it was decided to conduct the Mahamastakabhisheka in February 2015.


Is it breaking of the tradition?


Though there is tradition to conduct the Mahamastakabhisheka once in every 12 years, there are examples of conducting the Mahamastakabhisheka even before 12 years and also not conducting Mahamastakabhisheka for over 30 years due to various reasons. So postponing the Mahamastakabhisheka for just 1 year will not break the tradition, said Jain Samiti Office Bearer Gunapala Kadamba.


Anyway, though the devotees of Bahubali who are waiting for the Mahamastakabhisheka for 12 years might get a bit disappointed, but they only have to wait for just another year.


Paryayotsava and elections…


There will be a whole month of various programs related to the Paryaotsava on January 18 in Udupi district. So in this month it is difficult to have another similar grand program in the district. Once the Lokasabha elections are announced the Political leaders get busy in the election activities and they will not be available for the involvement in Mahamastakabhisheka. Once the election announcement is made the election policy may have implication on the Mahamastakabhisheka programs.


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