Shirva: Sihi Kahiís comedy serial beach shoot

By Prakash Katpadi
Udupi Today Media Network


Shirva, 24 January 2013: Popular actor, director Sihi-Kahi Chandru is leading the shooting of the highly viewed comedy serial ‘Parvati Parameshwara and Panduranga Vittala’ in a full swing in Katpady Mattu sea shore and Kunajarugiri areas which is going on since the last Friday. Some of the young talented actors of the coastal area are also acting in this serial.



Chandru and his wife Geetha were the main protagonists in an old Doordarshan Kannada serial titled Sihi Kahi which was telecast every Friday evening during the years 1986-87. Those being the initial days of Doordarshan, the show had a large viewership. It was a comedy serial in which Chandru and Geetha enacted the role of a husband and wife.


The serial was an extremely famous amongst the Kannada audience and the friendship of the actors blossomed into love and later they walked down the matrimony aisle even in real life on the 9th of November, 1990. Their success in the serial gave them the name "Sihi Kahi Chandru", for which he is fondly called Sihi and "Sihi Kahi Geetha" to him and his wife respectively.



Harish P., Udupi

 Our coastal districts have the best scenery and ideal location for shooting. Many movies have been shot here.

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