Lectures on Quit India Movement at Manipal University

By Alexander Chandy
Udupi Today Media Network


Manipal, 01 September 2017: The Department of Geopolitics and International Relations and Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal University conducted special lectures on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of Quit India Moment here. Air Vice Marshal K R Karnik (Retd) speaking at the Department of Geopolitics on, “Revisiting India's Freedom Struggle and Role of Freedom Fighters” pointed out the circumstances under which India had to go for partition and emphasized on the role played by Jawaharlal Nehru, Md. Ali Jinnah, M K Gandhi and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.



AVM Karnik traced the history of India’s national movement and highlighted how the revolt of 1857 was the first war of Indian Independence. The conflicting perspectives between the extremists and moderates on issues relating to India’s national movement were also highlighted. How Europeans perceived the emerging contours of India’s national movement formed a major part of the discourse. India has shown great passion, zeal and resilience in coming out from the British yoke.


Dr. Nanda Kishor of Department of Geopolitics and International Relations highlighted how each of the Congress sessions had a specific declaration in terms of fighting against British rule and also highlighted how a number of political parties established including Muslim League, Communist Party of India and more importantly from the very beginning the Indian National Congress undoubtedly contributed to India’s freedom.


Prof. Arvind Kumar welcomed the gathering and highlighted the importance of the national movement and its relevance for the present generation. Dr. Monish Tourangbam proposed the vote of thanks The Department of Geopolitics and International Relations also felicitated AVM K R Karnik for his contributions to the nation.


On Tuesday, Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration organized a guest talk on changing trends in the society and its effect on the army by Col. Sagar V Patwardhan (Sena medal) Officer Commanding, 4 KAR ENGR COY NCC, MIT Manipal.


Col Patwardhan in his talk pointed out how Quit India Movement started on August 8, 1942 which led to our Independence on August 15, 1947. “Otherwise our freedom may have remained a dream,” he said. He also mentioned how the strike by the Army was the final straw for the British to quit India.


Colonel Patwardhan talked about a few important aspects like social, economic, educational, media, professional and political changes and their effects on the Army. He also touched upon the opportunities for youth in the Army and other sectors. He shared his personal experiences in the Army with particular mention of Jammu & Kashmir and Assam. “Quit India Movement” Pledge was taken by all the students and faculty members present.


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