Konkani Catholics targeted in Bangalore

By Jaison Soares
Udupi Today Media network


Bangalore, 03 December 2012: About 25 to 30 activists, who included a few women and children, turned up at the Sadbhavana Provincialate of Carmelite Priests Sunday morning long after the Konkani Mass was over and shouted slogans, vulgar invectives and abuses from the roadside. These people made an attempt to frighten the Konkani Catholics to abandon the worship in their mother-tongue.


However, the Konkani Catholics peacefully and with great enthusiasm participated in the Holy Mass. This is the second such happening in Bangalore in less than a month. A group of about 20 to 25 so called ``Kannada Catholics” tried in vain to protest against the Sunday mass at the Saccidananda Provincialate of Capuchin Priests on 18th November.



Raphael Raj of Karnataka Catholic Christara Kannada Sangha sent SMS asking people to assemble in large numbers in front of Sadbhavana chapel at 10.30 am on Sunday to stop the offering mass in Konkani. But knowing about this the Konkani Catholics had turned up for the 8 am mass and stayed on even after the mass was over to see the arrival of the Kannada activities.


But the Kannada activists turned up only after 11.30 am obviously knowing the presence of large number of Konkani Catholics. By then most of the Konkani Catholics had left, but some were still there who could see the thamasha of the protesters and even could take photographs of them. The protestors had come with the banners against the Archbishop of Bangalore Most Rev Dr Bernard Moras and shouted slogans.


These activists displayed the banners that say the Archbishop is anti Kannada and causing injustice to Kannadigas. Archbishop Most Rev Dr Bernard Moras hails from Dakshina Kannada who has actually studied in Kannada language from primary to secondary and even in his college studies, a very much Kannadiga. The activists shouted slogans for some time and then left.


Konkani Catholics who had come to know about the SMS message had circulated the same among themselves and even used the same to inform Subramanyanagar Police Station, which is less than half a kilometer away. The Police had come at the Sadbhavana since morning to provide necessary police protection.


Police Inspector Somegowda of Subramanyanagar has assured the Provincial of Carmelites Fr Archibald Gonsalves that the police would provide full protection to the chapels and ensure that the peace was not disturbed during mass and prayer services on Sundays or during the Christmas season.



Antony , Mangalore

 Let me know what is called Konkani Catholics, Kannada Catholics, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Bengali. On the other hand only INDIANS make this differentiation. but in western countries they call them as "WE BELONGS TO CHURCH." is that possible to practice in INDIA too.

David, Chennai

 This is outrageous - Is Christ any different for Kannada Catholics ?

Philip Mudartha, Qatar

 Oh, give me a break! The protesters are also part of the flock under the same Archbishop They sure have genuine grievances the Archbishop. The banners protest against an individual, and not the Konkanni speaking Community. This news report can become balanced, if the leader of the protest is also given a hearing to state his story. Let us not forget that Archbishop and clergy have great power including access to state law and order machinery. such great power always breeds arrogance. The 25-50 laity must be dealt with Christ like humility and not disdain. Big Shepherd, even one sheep straying must pain you enough to use Christian ways to deal with the flock.

Akil Vijay DSouza, Moodubelle/Bangalore

 First of all I seriously doubt on whether these so called kannada activists are really the followers of Jesus Christ??? If so, how can they come with bad slogans/words for our Arch-Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras!!! Disgusting!!! Shame on these so called Activists!!!

Henry Lobo, Mysore

 These people are just picking the soft targets and waste their time, why?

Denis D'Souza, Shirva / Kuwait

 Prayer has no language, God understands all languages. Why these group of people have objection if Konkani Community offer prayers in their mother tongue.

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