Bantakal Engg College Studentís Orientation

By Pundalika Marathe
Udupi Today Media network


Bantakal, 27 August 2012: Students who newly join the institution might find it difficult in the first year as they will have along with their studying responsibility, the educational system, atmosphere, classmates, campus which are all new to them. But the professional courses can be successfully completed with the proper coordination, active involvement, interest and continuous efforts, said Manipal University Admission Department Director Dr. Narayana Sabhahit.


He was speaking upon inaugurating the first year Student’s Orientation and Parents meet by lighting the lamp at Bantakal Sri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology and Management on Sunday. Speaking further he said that, with the proper time utilization the students can prosper and there is huge demand for Engineers. There are plenty of examples of the toppers of CBSC students failing in the Engineering first semisters. So, without giving up, with continuous efforts and studies it is possible to score high marks, he said.




Secretary of the Institution Ratnakumar spoke on the occasion and said that, the Institution is progressing in the third year which started with just 76 students in the first year, which had 200 students in the second year and in the current year more than 300 students have been admitted, which is a record in the undivided DK district, he said. Those who come with the hope of Sri Mutt and the College will not be disappointed. There is no question of compromise in the discipline of the students and the progress of this institution he said.


Vice Principal Prof. Kishore Baglodi spoke and briefed on the rules and regulations of the institution, system, educational stages, fulfledged library and the book bank facilities. There is mobile locker facility. Mobile phones are banned inside the campus, but incase if the students bring the mobile phones, there is provision to switch if off and keep in the mobile lockers.


College Principal Dr. Mohandas Bhat who presided over the program spoke and called upon the student community to make use of the facility and get good education. On the dias Vice President of the Institution Padigaru Srinivasa Tantri was present. On behalf of the parents Udupi Shripathi bhat lit the light. Prof. Bhagyalaxmi conducted introduction. Dr. Shubha Bhat welcomed the guests and the gathering. Kumari Priya led the prayers. Srilatha Dhanya and Venugopal Rao compeered the program. Dr. Radheshyam proposed vote of thanks.



Donald Martis, Bahrain / Udupi

 Glad that we have another Engineering College now. Earlier, the nearest ones were either Manipal or Nitte. Good luck to the new students.

Ajay Kumar, Udyavara / Kuwait

 If we compare to a couple of decades and now we can see that more and more people graduate in Engineering field and employed in different places including foreign countries. This is because of these Institutions.

Ivan Sequeira, Brahmavara / South Africa

 I did not know about this new Engineering College until I read this report. This is great news that we have a new Engineering college in our area.

Ganesh Poojary, Udupi

 Starting from 76 students in the first year to over 300 students now is very good. More and more students opt of engineering education now as per the job opportunities.

James Mendonsa, Mangalore

 Thanks to Fr. Ivan DíSouza for the reports and pictures.

Sunil Kumar, Mumbai

 Students will find it difficult in the 1st semester as most of them would be away from their homes for the first time. But once they cope with the new atmosphere and co-students they will find it better. During 3rd or 4th year they would even prefer to stay in the campus than going home, because they get used to that place so much that the various activities will keep them very much occupied. The encouraging words of Dr. Narayana Sabhahit will definitely help the new students and gives a lot of confidence.

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