Koti Chennaya Kannada–Tulu TV Megha Serial

By Prakash Katpadi
Udupi Today Media network


Udupi, 06 July 2012: The historical warriors of Tulunadu Koti Chennaya who fought for equality among the people in the society will be coming in the form of Megha Television Serial. One of the popular historical incident taken place in the Tulunadu 450 years ago Koti Chennaya is under production for Kannada – Tulu megha serial in Chandana Vahini Television vide 300 episodes.


This serial is being produced by Ashok Suvarna son of late Muddu Suvarna who produced state award winner Koti Chennaya black and while Tulu movie. Ashok Suvarna is producing this serial under the banner Praja Films, which includes Tulu folk Padthana and the complete story of Koti Chennaya. The preparations are going on to film this serial in the Tulunadu where is historical persons moved around in this soil and loden days palaces and grass huts in an artistic way.



Koti Chennaya is getting shaped under the direction of movie director Chandrahas Alva who is trained with late Puttanna Kanagal. Already the story of 100 episodes is prepared and the shooting has commenced on Wednesday. The scholars of the twin districts and various artists have been consulted and a lot of thoughts have been put into this serial, says producer Ashok Suvarna.


After a lot of search for the talent to play the roles of young Koti Chennaya, Nagaraj and Suraj have been selected. The main role of Perumala Ballal will be played by Moodbidri Alvas Education Trust President Dr. M. Mohan Alva. There will be total 8 songs composed by Dr. Amrath Someshwara, Dr. B.A. Vivek Rai, Dr. Ganesh Amin Sankamar and the music is directed by Chandrashekar.




Ashwinanu Shetty R, Maruthi Extension Bangalore

 Namma Kannada naadudu Tulu bashela undu pandudu matherla thuvadu undondji bhari yende karyanu namma tuluver thuvadu Ashok Suvarnaragu anantha danyavada wish u gud luck

Sunil Kumar, Mumbai

 Great to know about this Tulu serial.

Ganesh Poojary, Udupi

 Looking forward to watching this Tulu serial in Chandana.

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