Udupi: Adiga new Saahitya Parishad President

By Snehalatha, Udupi
Udupi Today Media Network


Udupi, 30 April 2012: Writer, Teacher Nilavara Surendra Adiga has been elected as the new President of Udupi District Kannada Sahitya Parishad. The voters who are interested in the literature have chosen a writer as their president. In the election conducted on Sunday Adiga has won with just 3 votes against his direct rival BJP District Secretary Thingale Vikramarjuna Hegde. Adiga has received 298 votes and Thingale has received 295 votes.



Nilavara Surendra Adiga                                                     Thingale Vikramarjuna Hegde


Thingale is currently the Secretary of Kannada Sahitya Parishad (KSP) and even having the support from KSP District President Ambathanaya Mudradi, current and former office bearers, the writers of the district and also the critics, still he has lost the election. Settled in Udupi, he was earlier the President of KSP Karkala Taluk, but he has received only 179 votes from Udupi and Karkala, but surprisingly has received 179 votes in Kundapura.



Adiga who is from Kundapura received only 87 votes from Kundapura and surprisingly has received 211 votes from Udupi – Karkala. Those 29 votes he lost from Kundapura, he got them in Udupi, which made him the winner.


The members of KSP are well educated and interested in literature and are eligible for voting. There are total 1021 voters, but since the election was held on Sunday only 597 (58%) voters participated. Among them 3 from Udupi – Karkala and 1 from Kundapura did not know how to vote, means because of them 4 votes were invalid.




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