Philip Mudartha, Qatar

 The scientists have designed and will innovate technological solutions to deal with encroachment of landmass. Whether to execute those designs and where are socio-political decisions. Citizens, in exercising their sovereign rights, bestow on political leaders the power to make such decisions for them. The politicians are neither social scientists nor technologists, so they are guided by their own interests and that of their supporters. Business interests come in, invest in executing tenders based on government approved plans and schemes. It creates jobs, distributes wealth among the rich and poor alike, and keeps the economy going. Therefore, the war against Lord Varuna is still desirable, as in those days of King Parashurama. That is the cynical viewpoint. The realist view point is let the sea take what it wants, and let me take from the sea what I want. The pessimist view is run for your life to safer(?), assuming there are some, places. The optimists are called neo-con, they deny that they are not cause for sea encroachment and shall therefore not bear the costs of such encroachment prevention. I am in this neo-con category on this subject.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle

 Last picture says it all!! With money spent for sea erosion so far, we could have had permanent walls and beautiful sea shore from Kasaragod to Karwar like last picture!! But that would be the end of side cash and main cash for many...including politicians!!

Stephen Castelino, Udyavara / Dubai

 Removal of sand from the sea shore should be stopped because the sand bed is a kind of natural protection in sea shore. If we disturb the nature it will disturb us.

Stephen Castelino, Udyavara / Dubai

 The thing is that, the sea erosion and temporary remedy by construction of protection walls from rocks, keeps protests led by activists, the politicians and the contractors into business and keeps them busy. Everyone plays their role in the drama and wait for the next year for the poor residents of coastal area to raise their voice again by the next sea erosion.

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