B'lore: Police crack down on erring auto drivers

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Bangalore, 25 April 2012: For all those who have been relentlessly campaigning against the lawlessness of auto drivers in the City, this might come as a cheer. he Bangalore City Police have enhanced the punishment for auto drivers violating rules – especially the ones who refuse to go on trips. The Department launched its latest drive last week. It seized autos from violators, chargesheeted them, and subsequently sent them to traffic courts to pay a fine not less than Rs 2,000, for release of their vehicles.


Additional Commissioner of Police for Traffic, M A Saleem, said that between April 15 and 21, 141 auto drivers were sent to court for refusing to take passengers to their destinations. He said that between January and March alone, around 10,500 cases had been booked against auto drivers for refusing to go on trips.



Callous attitude


The stringent measures were initiated following repeated complaints from passengers. Saleem said auto drivers were callous, and did not take the department and its rules seriously. “Earlier, we were only levying a fine of Rs 100, which seemed to have no effect on the drivers. Refusal to go on trips is a violation of permit condition. It is imperative to send them to court, else there is no way of disciplining them,” he said.


Saleem said the department was simultaneously working towards improving the conduct and behaviour of auto drivers, through its one-day training programme at its Traffic Training Institute. The exercise, which has been re-initiated, saw 88 auto drivers being trained a few days ago. They were told about rules, apart from being trained in soft skills and inculcating attitudinal changes in them. The training programme is conducted once in 15 days.


Traffic marshals


After successfully implementing the traffic wardens concept, the department will now implement the ‘traffic marshals’ concept with the help of citizens. There are 44,000 intersections and 11,000 km of roads in the City, which are being manned by 2,900 traffic personnel.


The department requires at least 4,500 personnel. To make up for the shortage, the department has been encouraging volunteers to enrol for the warden programme, apart from taking the assistance of 500 home guards. The IT professionals who are part of a forum of volunteers called Praja will be given badges instead of uniforms.


Violation cases against auto drivers: Total cases up to March 31, 2012     1,04,753

* Refusal to go on hire    10,490

* Reckless driving    1,340

* Drunken driving    963

* Demanding excess fare    5,401

* Non-display of display card    1,463

* Defective fare meter    8

* Without DL    2,504

* Jumping traffic signal    11,923

* Wrong parking    24,780

* Without uniform    4,610

* Usage of mobile phone    3,205

* Others    18,220





Rajesh Prabhu, Bengaluru

 A much needed implementation of rule, because Bangalore auto-rickshaw drivers have been violating the rules.

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