Manipal: Email id of Professor Hacked

By Snehalatha, Udupi
Udupi Today Media Network


Manipal: Email id of Professor Hacked


Manipal, 24 April 2012: The email id of a Professor of Kasturba Medical College has been hacked causing him problems.


The victim is Prof. Biswabin Roy, his email id has been hacked by somebody on 22nd April night after 10.30 pm and has deleted the email messages and also the sent messages has been deleted.


Besides that, his duplicate email id has been created and from that messages have been sent to different email id. As per the complaint given by Prof. Biswabin Roy, the case has been registered in Manipal Police Station.



Kaup: Youth drowned in Udyavara River


Kaup, 24 April 2012: A youth from Chitpadi Udupi is drowned in Udyavara river on Tuesday evening. The deceased youth has been identified as Tharanath (30). He along with his 6 friends went to Udyavara river to catch crab fish. From the lower part of the river Padukere they went catching crabs towards the bridge. At that time suddenly water high tide came and unable to analyze the depth of water all of them got drowned, but all of them escaped except Tharanath.


The rest of them tried to rescue him but could not succeed due to the high tide. The fire brigade came to the scene and tried a lot but could not get the body of Tharanath. At last in the evening at 6.00 pm the fishermen brought up his body. As per the locals, the place where these youth were fishing has tide even in the summer, so this incident has taken place. The case has been registered in Kaup Police Station.




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