Two killed after falling off Mumbai train

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Mumbai, 19 April 2012: Two commuters were killed in Mumbai on Thursday after they fell off an overcrowded local train, an official said. The Central Railway’s suburban services continued to be disrupted by signalling woes on Thursday, leading to chaos in the city. Fifteen people travelling in other packed trains were also injured.


“Two passengers fell off the train between Bhandup and Nahur railway stations on the Central Railway line and are dead; 15 others also lost balance and fell off the crowded trains at various other stations,” a Central Railway official told reporters in Mumbai.



“The injured have been sent to hospitals nearby. They were also given first aid at the railway stations,” the official added. He said that there was no violation on the part of the Central Railway, and that the deaths and injuries were caused due to overcrowding in the trains.


“Central Railway has also announced compensation for those injured and killed in the accident,” he said. Millions of commuters have had a harrowing time the last two days after train services were curtailed following a fire in the main signal cabin at Kurla station.





Ganesh, Membai

 People are forced to board an over crowded train because there is no other way out. Slowly, we should be moving towards having a closed door trains. Safety first, transport next. This would have been a huge penalty for the railways in the western countries. In India, they can get away with the simplest compensation. Hoping somebody will take this seriously.

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