Recreation of an epic saga – Mahabharata revisited

By Jyoti Rao
Udupi Today Media Network


Bangalore, 21 January 2014: The students of Jain Heritage School brought to life one of the most magnificent epics of India the Mahabharata on the occasion of their 6th Annual Day on 20th January 2014. A harmonious ensemble of the epic that sculpted the Indian morals, value system and rich legacy of Indian traditions was presented by the students of Jain Heritage School over a period of three days. The students were proud to present the literary heritage of India in all its glory. It was indeed a magical moment when all the characters that students only read and hear about in history were beautifully recreated on stage.



The event was an amazing opportunity for students to relive rich history of India. The Principal of the school Mrs. Archana Vishwanath said that the objective of the depiction of the literary fiesta Mahabharata through the Annual Day was to rekindle the spirit of rich Indian cultural legacies. “In today’s fast paced world and busy schedules our cultural values seem to take a back seat. Their significance appears to be blurred. We believe in inculcating in our students strong Indian values and morals. This is the reason we chose Mahabharata as the theme for our Annual Day. Hoping to relight in the minds of parents our glorious past through the performance of students, while bringing both of them closer to our roots” she added.


The first day of the event saw the spectacular presentation of ‘Krishna Drishyavalli’ by the students of fundamentals. The students put up a delightful narration of the popular escapades of Krishna in his early years. The tiny tots charmed the entire audience with their flawless songs and dance drama performance. Shilpa Kalyan, one of the parent’s who was very impressed with the show said “It was amazing to watch all these kids, right from cute two and half year olds to the charming 5 years old who put up not just an adorable show but performed exceptionally. It was truly heart-warming to see the kids embrace our cultural roots so beautifully”.


The second day of the event was a perfect ode to the epic Mahabharata by the students of 1st standard to 5th standard. Elaborate costumes, fabulous stage set up and remarkable lighting coupled with interesting performances set the stage for a great show of talent. The show was a wonderful blend of dance, song, ballet, mime & drama. The students brilliantly breathed life into the heroes of Mahabharata: Bheeshma, Krishna, Yudhistra, and Pandavas & Kauravas. The cultural heritage portrayed in Abhigyana Shakuntala & Draupadi Swayamvara to the illusionary Royal Palace of Pandavas – Indraprastha and an action packed sequence of the Hidamba & Bakasura vadhe made all the performances of the second day a pure visual treat.


The third and final day of the Annual Day was infused with spirit of devotion and depiction of the climax of the war between right and wrong in Mahabharata. The students of 5th and 6th standard put up the rendition of Vishwaroopa Darshan, an essential incident of the kurukshetra war and Abhimanyu’s struggle in the chakravyuha. The most brilliant instances of the third day were the depiction of the fall of the mighty warriors such as Ghatothkacha, Karna, Drona and Dusshassana. But undoubtedly the most splendid moment was the coronation of Yudhishtra, signifying the ultimate victory of good beating all odds.


“The show turned out to be a grand success and the ultimate aim to bring forth the culture and tradition of India in all its glory was achieved. The parents were completely overwhelmed after seeing the performance of their children. The students too had a really exciting time getting a close look at the traditional and cultural inheritance of India. The entire experience of the Annual Day for both students and parents was indeed thrilling and filled with pride” beamed Mrs Archana Vishwanath, Principal of Jain Heritage School.


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