Moodubelle: Girl's NSS camp day 5 morning memorial, temple visit

By Anil Alva
Udupi Today Media Network


Moodubelle, 10 November 2013: The fifth day morning session of the state level Girls NSS camp on Saturday 09 November 2013 was the visit to the ‘War Memorial’ at the residence of Cmdr. Jerome Castelino, then visit to the historical places ‘Pajaka Kshetra’ and “Sri Durgadevi Temple’.


It was the long journey of this special program which began at 09.00 am and concluded at 02.00 pm in the afternoon. This has been part of the seven day long state level Girls NSS camp is going on at St. Lawrence P.U. College in Moodubelle. The girls walked holding the NSS camp banner in the inner road in Moodubelle which leads to Kunjarugiri.


The first visit was to the ‘War Memorial’ at the residence of Cmdr. Jerome Castelino (V.S.M. Retd.) which was built by him after his long service in Indian Navy, in memory of the martyrs who lost their lives for the country. The campers relaxed in the beautiful lawn, visited the war memorial and offered their respect. Cmdr. Castelino showed his collections to the students and narrated his experience.



Campers then went to Kunjarugiri, which is a village near Moodubelle. The main attraction of the village is a hill, known as Durga Betta, on which is located a temple of Durga, known to locals in the Tulu language as Kunjar Amma. Parashurama is credited with erecting the temple in honour of the divine mother, Adi Shakti.


Vidhwan Ananthakrishna Achar, Vidwan of Udupi, narrated the details of this historical place. He said that when Parashuram created kerala (a little-known fact is that he also created udupi mangalore), he found in the depth of the sea, a pearl, which he fashioned into a nose ring and decorated the idol of kunjaru amma with. According to legend, however, the sea always retrieves whatever is taken from it, so, to protect the idol for a long time, he installed the idol in the kunjaru hill.


Sri Madhvacharya, the founder of the Dvaita school of philosophy, used to visit the Durga temple every day during his childhood. One day, when he was in the kunjaru temple, his mother called from pajaka, a km or 2 away, and madhavacharya is believed to have jumped straight to his house, a feat much like modern day Hulk), and to this day, there are foot prints on a particular rock.


Around the hill, there are four ponds or 'thirthas' which were visited by Sri Madhva everyday. The four ponds here are called Dhanus Thirtha, Gada Thirtha, Bana Thirtha and Parashu Thirtha. The campers enjoyed the scenery of this place. They could alos see some monkeys and offered them bananas.



Vincent Fernandes, Kuwait

 I have been to Kunjarugiri many years ago during my school days. But now I could see it through the lenses of Mr. Anil and well described details of Pajaka Kshetra.

Shrinivasamurthy, Ajman

 Great photography and report by Mr. Anil, this report gives detailed information about Pajaka Kshetra, thank you.

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