Moodubelle: Girl's NSS camp day 4 on Arts, Science, Photography

By Anil Alva
Udupi Today Media Network


Moodubelle, 10 November 2013: The fourth day of the state level Girls NSS camp on Friday 07 November 2013 marked on the exhibition of postal stamps, arts, photography and the science model demonstration in the morning session.


In the afternoon session lectures were conducted on superstitions and science. The program concluded in the evening with cultural programs. The seven day long state level Girls NSS camp is going on at St. Lawrence P.U. College in Moodubelle.


After the yoga training conducted by Damayanthi Bhat N. early in the morning, flag hoisting was done. The flag was hoisted in the morning by Mukunda Kamath, Entrepreneur of Moodubelle. Narayana Karkera L.I.C. Agent in Moodubelle was the Chief guest.


Rev. Fr. Fred Mascarenhas – Parish Priest of Mother of Sorrows Church Udupi inaugurated the morning session program on exhibition of postal stamps, paintings, photography and the demonstration of science models began in the morning at 10.00 am. The program was presided over by Rev. Fr. P. Raj – Headmaster of St. Lawrence English Medium School, Moodubelle.


Chief guests and dignitaries present on the dias were; Janardhana Kodavoor – Popular Press Photographer, Valerian Noronha – Entrepreneur in Moodubelle, Ln Dinesh C.R. Associate Coordination Officer Bangalore, Manu – Officer in Mandya and Rev. Fr. Paul Sequeira – Principal of St. Lawrence P.U. College Moodubelle.


The exhibition of stamps, paintings and photography were held in Rev. Fr. Charles Luis Hall, St. Lawrence English Medium School and St. Lawrence Parish Hall. The Science model demonstration was conducted at Rev. Fr. Valerian D’Souza Hon. Science Section of St. Lawrence P.U. College.


  • Daniel Monteiro from Brahmavara, who is the holder ‘Guinness world record’ in the stamp collection, conducted the exhibition of various kinds of postal stamps from his collection.
  • Popular artists of Udupi district G.R. Upadyaya and Padmanabha Nayak conducted the exhibition of varieties of paintings.
  • Photography exhibition was held by the famous photographers Gurudutt Kamath Udupi, Shridhara Shettygar Karandady and Raghavendra Kodangala.



Program was compeered by Naveen Koreya. Ashwin Cornelio introduced the guests. In the welcome and introductory speech Camp Officer Edward Larson said that, if one has the right hobbies then it helps in elevating in life. The guidance of persons who has already made achievements at state, national and international levels helps to develop our own hobbies, he said.


In his speech Rev. Fr. Fred Mascarenhas said that, if there are no good hobbies then a person gets into bad habits. God gives the talent to everyone. To become a good artist the curiosity must be there. The minute factors need to be observed and understood. By serving others one has to develop the personality, he said.


Fr. P. Raj in his presidential address called upon the students to have hobbies and make achievements in them. If any work is done with love and care it is called as art. We need to improve our intelligence and improve our hobbies too, he said. Associate Camp Officer Mahesh proposed vote of thanks.


Educational lecture program was held in the afternoon at 02.30 pm. The topic of the lecture was ‘Superstitions and Science’. Nakre George Castelino, National Award winner Retired Headmaster, Nakre, was the resource person on the occasion. The program was presided over by Sylvester Mathais – Headmaster of Higher Primary School Moodubelle.


Chief guests and dignitaries present on the dias were; Nagesh Shanubhag – Principal of Viveka P.U. College Kota, Raveendra Nayak – Veterinarian Moodubelle, Ln Dinesh C.R. Associate Coordination Officer Bangalore, Ramesh – Principal of Govt. P.U. College Udupi, Taradevi – Principal of P.U. College Brahmavara, Jayalakshmi – Principal of P.U. College Kambadakone, Rev. Fr. Paul Sequeira – Principal of St. Lawrence P.U. College Moodubelle and Edward Larson – Camp Officer.


George Castelino in his talk said that, India is a distinctive country. There are every kind of languages and temples in the country. But there is unity among the people and there is respect for the practices each one of them follows. Women should not get emotional due to superstitions, he said.


Daya and Shruthi compeered the program. Ashwitha welcomed the guests and the gathering. Jyothi introduced the guests. Divya proposed vote of thanks.


The evening cultural program was presided over by Sarita Alva – Principal of St. Lawrence College Moodubelle. Chief guests present on the dias were; Sr. Irene – Superior of Loreto Convent Moodubelle, Dr. Judith Lobo – Lecturer in College of Nursing Manipal, U.L. Bhat – Principal of Jnanaganga P.U. College, Nellikatte, Moodubelle.


Sr. Irene in her speech said that, the life given to us is not for us, but for others. This camp is the best opportunity to explore the talents. The exploitation against women has to be stopped. The problems need to be addressed appropriately in the right time, she said.


Dr. Judith in her talk said that, the community service is the right way for the personal development. Along with the culture one has to grow professionally and has to build the nation. We should not say ‘you’ but ‘we’ should do it and make the dream of Mahatma Gandhi true, she said.


Sarita Alva in her presidential address said that, with the thought of building a good nation, living without any differences among us will be the testimony of unity. The healthy young generation can form the healthy nation, she said.



Haridas, Udupi

 Amazing that Moodubelle has developed into a town now. This NSS camp has put Moodubelle into the front line of the map.

Henry Lobo, Mysore

 These everyday programs are very well organized. The organizers have done a great work sourcing the right persons as the resource persons for each particular days. Hats off to them.

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