Udupi: Congress leaders pay tribute to Acharya

By Snehalatha, Udupi
Udupi Today Media Network


Udupi, 18 February 2012: Dr. V.S. Acharya was friendly with the opposition party leaders, though it was out of party’s limit, for him the development was more important, said AICC Secretary Oscar Fernandes. He was speaking during the Shradhanjali meeting held in District Congress Bhavana on Thursday. Dr. Acharya was BJP’s national level leader, he had the opportunities to work at the centre, but he limited his working area to the state level only and grown as a politician whom the whole state respected, said Oscar.



Before this, K.P.C.C. Secretary M.A. Gafoor spoke and said that, Dr. V.S. Acharya was such a politician that all other parties will remember him, even while the congress was in the administration he supported the development in Udupi, he said. Former Jilla Panchayath President Bhujanga Shetty said that, today’s Grama Panchayath Presidents if they meet in front they will look elsewhere and go away, but Dr. Acharya, though he was a minister, if he see he will call and talk, he said.


Later, District Women’s Congress President Veronica Carneleo, Former Minister Vasantha Saliyan, Former MP Vinayakumar Sorake, Karkala Block Congress President Neere Krishna Shetty, State Youth Congress Secretary Amrath Shenoy, and others spoke on the occasion. Earlier, congress leaders including Oscar, Divakara Kunder, Raju Poojary, Janardhana Thonse, Janardhana Bhandarkar, Ida Gibba D’Souza, Mallika Shetty, Sarala Kanchan, Anandi, Kaup Divakara Shetty, Krishnamurthy Acharya, Shabbir Ahmad, Indira Wagle, Jayananda and others offered flowers to the picture of Dr. Acharya.




kanchan j p, al jubail, Saudi Arabia

 in this article u are talking about shabbir ahmed if possible will u plz give some info about him as i know shabbir ahmed of udupi who was in jubail from last 15-20yrs as we are searching him as he is a fraud as well as police of ksa is searching

Rajesh Prabhu, Bangalore

 Political difference will always be there, but that should not stop us from appreciating each other's good work. It is a good gesture from opposition leaders to be here at this sad moment and speak highly of this leader. May the spirit of Dr. V.S. Acharya inspire other leaders and bring peace to our country.

Shyamala K., Qatar

 It is a nice gesture that leaders are paying tribute to the opposition party leaders on their passing away.

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