Sports Science Centre inaugurated at Manipal University

By Alexander Chandy
Udupi Today Media Network


Manipal, 14 October 2017: The Centre for Sports Science, Medicine and Research under School of Allied Health Sciences Manipal University was formally inaugurated by Dr Ranjan R Pai, Chairman and MD, MEMG Bengaluru here at the indoor sports complex, Marena on Friday. The Centre, in due course of time, is expected to become one of the best sports science centres in the country. It is already equipped to test sportspersons for their baseline status will offer sports medicine and sports science consultation to athletes and support staff.



Dr Ranjan has agreed to expand the facilities and extend scientific support to national and international athletes. Fiddy Davis, Professor and Head of the Centre said that a lot of importance will be given to research work in the areas of human performance, injury prevention, rehabilitation and health and provide training to students pursuing sports studies.


For now, cardiorespiratory endurance assessment, tests of anaerobic power, sports specific fitness assessment, 2D and 3D running and sports specific motion analysis, prediction of injury risk and mitigating exercise program, Rehabilitation following sports injuries, strength and conditioning program designed for team sport and individual athletes, resting metabolic rate measurement, obesity management and weight maintenance and Hydration assessment are some of the services offered by the Centre.


And the equipment available at the Centre includes; portable metabolic cart (COSMED K5 and Fitmate Pro), top of the line ergometers (Monark and h/p/cosmos), lactate analysers, radio-telemetric monitoring, 3 dimensional motion capture (VICON), force plate (AMTI) and high speed action cameras with under water recording facilities.


Speaking on the occasion, Dr H.S. Ballal said that this Centre would be of tremendous help to sportsmen and added, “We will encourage national and international sportspersons to come and use this facility. The additional advantage is the indoor sports complex which has facilities for games and an ultra-modern gym”. Dean School of Allied Health Sciences, Dr Rajashekhar B welcomed the gathering and gave a brief of how the Centre came into existence. He hoped that it a few years the facilities at this Centre would be the best in the country.


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