Manipal University makes students its campus ambassadors

By Alexander Chandy
Udupi Today Media Network


Manipal, 31 August 2017: Twenty Volunteer Services Organization (VSO) students were made campus ambassadors of Manipal University on Saturday. The role of the students is to provide information about the campus to international delegations, prospective students and parents and also other stakeholders. Being students, they will be able to talk about all areas of life on the campus from a student’s perspective. Twelve of them were present to receive their letters of appointment, for a one-year term, from the Vice Chancellor, Dr H. Vinod Bhat



While inaugurating the Campus Ambassadors Manipal (CAM) programme, Vice Chancellor, Dr H Vinod Bhat told students that they had volunteered to do a job which called for a great deal of responsibility and exhorted them to do it to the best of their ability. “This is a role that involves informing potential students and their parents about the University, so do it the best possible way,” he advised them.


“Although the concept of campus ambassadors is common in overseas universities, Manipal University is, perhaps, the first in the country to start the programme,” said Dr Karunaka Kotekar, deputy director, International affairs and Collaborations which initiated the programme. “A number of international delegations and even foreign exchange students in large numbers keep visiting the university regularly. These students then can play the role of ambassadors,” he added.


One of the ambassadors, Pratyay Prakhar said, “We can address the concerns or doubts of freshers and their parents if any, as we have been through it all. We are the most relatable source one can think of. I am sure CAM will be able to do a good job as we are an enthusiastic lot”.


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