A Rhapsody of Cultural Delights at Jain Heritage School

By Jyoti Rao, Bangalore
Udupi Today Media Network


Bangalore, 01 January 2015: “Abhikyah Niryatita” which means Glorious Past, was this year’s theme of the Annual Day celebration at Jain Heritage School. It was so aptly named since it shows the powerful growth of India through the ages. Students performed a medley of performances, which paid homage to the cultural heritage of our country.



The programme was a dance-drama, which traced Indian history from the Great Dynasties to present day Modi government. This dance drama exposed the intricate cultural tapestry of our nation. With the participation of nearly 1100 students, the event instilled a sense of patriotism and pride in the students.


Students brought to life the opulence of our royal courts, the gritty battles which decided the fate of our dynasties. This performance was divided into phases from the Mohenjo-Daro civilization to the current day Modi government. The dance performances focused on the varied cultural dances of our country, and the diversity in culture, which is the soul of our nation.


Mrs. Archana Vishwanath, Principal, Jain Heritage School, said, “Students and teachers have given their best to make this event a success. I am extremely proud of all the hard work and practice students have put in. I am also happy to see the knowledge and values we get to pass on to the students through such events.”


The students performed a short skit on “Make in India” scheme, which showed the importance of carving a niche for ourselves as a nation. There was also a performance on the role of women empowerment; the students highlighted the issue with a hauntingly beautiful dance. The event concluded with the students speaking on the awe-inspiring journey, which our country has taken.


“I learnt so much about Indian history through this event. I can see the tremendous evolution my country has gone through the ages, I feel so proud to be an Indian”, says Srihari Natraj, a student of Grade 8.


Jain Heritage School has managed to create entertainment and instill patriotic values in their students.


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